Alan Shupp - Bass

He was born in the west, grew up in the east, and settled in the midwest. He's been
here and there, done this and that, and how are you Mr. Wilson? His musical
influences are based in the rock that began in the 60s, but with a lot of other
stuff that you've seen many musicians reference, like standards and classical.
He appreciates quirky music at the same time he is unapologetic for his love of
popular music. He is fascinated by the bass guitar as an integral instrument of
rock, blues, funk, et al. It can define the rhythm, be a counterpoint to the
rhythm or be melodic, in various combinations. He would live in a recording
studio if he could. Writing and performing original music is the ultimate.
Creating a unique take on an someone else's song is neet, too. He misses his
original bass, a 1966 Harmony that was stolen in Southern California in 1976. It
would be fairly easy to spot, it would be one of the few with non-original
tuners. Let me know if you
see it!