Steve Bunton - Keyboard

Steve became interested in music at an early age from watching TV shows like The Ed Sullivan Show, In Concert, The Midnight Special, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, and Austin City Limits.  Keyboards always interested Steve since they were kind of novel in traditional rock and roll bands.  Steve bought his first keyboard, a Wurlitzer model 140B electric piano, while in college and has been playing and performing ever since.  Steve has played in a lot of bands, in a lot of places around the US, and has covered a lot of musical styles.  Playing in “Top 40” clubs where the band has to stay current with the hits of the day was probably the best musical education he ever received.  It also gave him an appreciation for all kinds of music.  Although playing a variety of different styles has always been fun for Steve, his first love has always been R&B and the Blues and he is extremely happy to be part of the Lizzi Neal Band.