Dave Neal - Guitar

     At the ripe old age of 8 Dave started playing guitar, his brother Terry would play chords for Dave to lead over.  A pro by age 12 Dave was a member of his first band playing 50's to 70's music, they would play festivals, parties, and some bar gigs (the legal drinking age back then was 5).  As the years pressed on Dave was in several groups that opened up his musical knowledge to include Rock, Country Blues, and even played in a Bluegrass band called "The Red Bud Ramblers".  Dave could always feel himself being pulled towards the Blues, and found that it was Blues that he loved the most and has found himself playing more and more of it over the years.  He has also discovered that writing original music is what makes him happiest, not that covers are bad, but he never thought it was much fun to learn someone else's original idea and copy it.  Writing is always something Dave has tried to do, but it never came as easy as it did when he met Lizzi.  

Dave play guitars with six strings or less (when they break), usually his fender, gibson, or one of his custom Dean Zelinsky models.   Dave has always believed and says "Its not the guitar you play, its how you play it".