Lizzi Neal - Vocals

At 5 years on this earth Lizzi was singing along with the radio or a good record.  As the years progressed she became more interested in playing drums because that is what her dad did all of his life, plus she would get major stage fright when she would sing except in front of family.  Lizzi would still sing at home everyday for her grandma, practicing songs by artitst like Whitney, Celine, The Eagles, BB King, Aretha, and lots of others. 
   At the age of 11 Lizzi joined concert band and choir and took private drum lessons from Jim Brown.  Lizzi gained a bunch of confidence when she moved her senior year to live with her dad. Choir director Connie Tuminelli helped Lizzi find her true voice and there was no stopping her after that.  As the years progressed Lizzi did several things like gigs occasionally with her dads band, or karaoke in bars (which her mom would come along so she could get in).  Lizzi and her mom took a trip to Nashville when Lizzi was only 18, she had won a local contest and was sent to the finals in Nashville.  Being very young an inexperienced Lizzi unfortunatley didn't place at the finals, but it was a great experience. 
         One lucky night in 2003 Lizzi and Dave were ask to come play an acoustic set for a benefit at a local club, and it just so happens that Brian Perkins(1st drummer) and Jason Freeman were in attendance.  They decided to give a band a go, and formed The Lizzi Neal Band.  The band played a wide range of Blues to Rock and beyond, and started to write original music together.  Over the next several years the drummers came and went (all great assests to the band, and are appreciated for their hard work to this day), but the one thing that has stayed solid is the relationship that has formed between Lizzi, Dave, and Jason. Sadly in 2014 Jason and his family had to move away, which they are doing awesome and are very missed.
     Luckily Alan Shupp came along because Lizzi believes he is one of the BEST all around musicians she has ever met.

In 2017 Steve Bunton joined and its like all the pieces of the puzzle just fell into place. 

Lizzi can truly say that things are just starting to heat up, she says the best years are ahead of us all.  We are all sooo excited about getting the new album out to share with everyone.